To the self-righteous trolls: You Are Right. Now go away and mind your own damn business.

Some time ago, there has been a war of words as to what scambloggers and their presumably unemployed commenter-followers should be doing with their lives instead of bitching and moaning on the internet.

The trolls say that the slackers should be networking, blogging, sending out resumes, learning something new, begging for overflow, doing pro boner work, reconnecting with classmates and friends, etc. They say get over your sense of entitlement, think different, get out of your shell, stop blaming the law schools, the Republicans and the student loan industrial machine….

These trolls probably have good intentions and in the overall scheme of things, they are right. Good legal jobs are not going to automatically fall on our laps just because we have a law degree. Also, some of us need to develop a good reputation to the point where we can influence education policy and criticize the status quo without coming off looking like a disgruntled loser. Most of us get that. And we know that being perpetual debt slaves in the United States is preferable to selling our bodies to some geriatric pervert in Southeast Asia in order to buy bread from the local warlord.

With that being said, can you trolls shut the fuck up please go away and leave us to bitch and moan in peace? You may find this hard to believe, but lot of us are surviving and some are doing fairly well so your call to action is irrelevant. Others are still coming to terms with the truth that they are not special despite the hard work in college, law school, their part-time jobs and extracurricular activities.

This pissing match is ultimately a distraction. The anti law school movement is not at war with the boomers and their syncophants. The scambloggers and most of their commenters are angry at law schools and the lies they tell to prospective students. Everyone agrees that law schools lie about job placements, that professors are grossly overpaid and underworked and that the bullshit US News and World Ranking does a piss poor job of measuring the quality of a law school. But when it comes to doing getting shit done and implementing change, very few (including myself) is doing anything more than giving their opinion and passing the buck.

To the trolls, you are not going to motivate anyone and let me explain why in a way I hope you will understand. Some people hoped to win the biglaw lottery and lost. Others went because they had a choice between law school, getting a McJob or becoming a commission only insurance salesman and law school seemed a hell of a lot easier and more respectable. But most people just wanted to be glorified and highly paid employees. Basically, a large number of us should not have gone to law school in the first place and if given the opportunity, will leave the profession in a heartbeat.

You can’t motivate these people. They want to escape. They want revenge or justice as they see it. They don’t want to learn the ropes on their own. They don’t want to observe court hearings. They don’t want mentors. They don’t want to go to networking events and probably can’t afford to go either. They are angry and bitter and in my opinion, rightfully so. These people won’t move on with their lives until they see the source of their bitterness suffer. Is it a productive way to live? Most likely not. But I also realize that on an individual level, such people can potentially be very dangerous, especially lawyers who are deemed to be in a position of trust and can cause great harm to clients. On a larger picture, a growing number of unemployed, bitter “losers” will drain government resources and reduce societal productivity.

So if you really want to help the losers, focus on those who genuinely who can and want to be helped. Otherwise, stop throwing gasoline into a fire. Your “tough love” motivational talking points may impress a small group of people who may or may not be able to help you. But this shtick gets old and will come off as mean spirited.

Or if some of you really have the guts, join a relevant bar committee focusing on legal education or law school accreditation and advocate legal education reform or restricting bar admission to more qualified individuals. I plan to do this eventually. Will I see you trolls do the same? Suuuure….I’ll believe this when I see it.

So let’s all just focus on what we agree on – criticizing the current state of legal education. Because when the trolls argue with losers…you know what they say about arguing on the internet….


3 thoughts on “To the self-righteous trolls: You Are Right. Now go away and mind your own damn business.

  1. Anonymous

    Actually, if the losers are demanding that the taxpayers pay off their student loans for them, it is very much my business. So just mind YOUR own business and pay off your own debts, already.

  2. johnnyandbabydancin

    Tough hate is more like it.

    But I wonder how many people with JD’s have gone down the Insurance sales path. I was discussing it with another JD the other day.

    We both had a similar experience with Geico in that after our job applications were turned down, we were told by Geico to not apply for one full year.

  3. johnnyandbabydancin

    ^^ In other words, Geico sent an email saying: do not apply again for any postions at all with Geico for one full year.


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