Reason #38,274,847 not to go to law school now: The Law School Price Wars Have Begun!

In a move that will entice prospective lawyer wannabes (and piss off recent graduates that paid full sticker), the University of Arizona has announced that it will reduce tuition by 11% for in state students and 8% for out of state residents the following year. This results in a $3,000 – $3,500 cost savings reduction per year or $9,000 – $10,500 (excluding accrued interest) for all three years.

On his final ITLSS post, Professor Paul Campos said that the University of Colorado will also reduce tuition in the future.

As the smarter lemmings are beginning to understand that paying $150,000 to $200,000 in almost non-dischargeable debt will result in a 56,2% of getting a job that requires a law degree, it must be getting harder for the law school sales brigade to convince people to sign the dotted line.

This is just the beginning. I suspect that more schools will either follow suit or will be more aggressive with discounts scholarships.

So you or someone you know is disappointed with his or her LSAT score of 158, wait a year or four. Law school will only get cheaper. And maybe better.


One thought on “Reason #38,274,847 not to go to law school now: The Law School Price Wars Have Begun!

  1. Nando

    The U.S. lawyer job market will certainly not expand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor expects a mere increase of roughly 73K employed attorneys, from 2010-2020. (This includes estimated retirements and deaths of current lawyers.) The commodes continue to pump out 44K grads per year. This annual figure should decline slightly, as fewer people are applying to and enrolling in ABA-accredited diploma mills,

    Due to outsourcing and automation of legal services, the attorney field will almost certainly experience more cuts. Biglaw clients have caught onto the billable hour scam, and they are demanding better prices. The owners get what they want. When the overall economy improves, the business owners are not going to become benevolent – and decide to hire people back, when they rely on machines, predictive coding, improved software, etc.

    In the end, the law school swine are simply trying to extend the life of their scam. How many ABA law sewers have extended their application deadlines? Vermont Law School has laid off staff, and reduced “professor” hours – and pay, presumably. Even these academics – who love to claim that “lawyers suck at math” – can figure out that something must give. Either the bitches and hags can continue to raise tuition and “educator” salaries – which will result in a faster decline in enrollments – or the rats can reduce tuition and lower admissions standards, to gain some more time on the taxpayer teat.


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