Contributing to the Crash

The LSAC has announced that the number of people taking the LSAT decreased 16% compared to last year. This may suggest that fewer people will be applying to law school.
Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that law schools will matriculate fewer people. While some law school deans announced cutting back future class sizes, I suspect that the inevitable revenue loss will force them to admit more students with lower LSAT and GPAs at the last minute. In other words, expect to see more students placed in the waiting list of T50 schools.
Lower ranked law schools – especially the “unranked” schools – will simply stop caring and likely admit anyone that applies. But more applicants are aware that a degree from one of these shit schools will result in a lifetime of student loan debt servitude and little job opportunities. As a result, fewer students will apply to these turd factories and those that do will demand large scholarships (tuition discounts) in exchange for matriculation.
Paul Campos, using similar reasoning, is predicting that the lower ranked law schools will eventually close down as profits disappear and the real estate can be put to better use as prisons or parking lots. And as one falls, others will soon follow. Those who remain standing but facing the same fate is likely to force the ABA or the Department of Education to make regulatory changes.
While many of the silent majority are cheerfully anticipating the legal education apocalypse, we should do our part to help contribute to the crash. I understand a number of us do not want to look like whining malcontents and unemployed losers. So here are some suggestions that I think will make maximum targeted impact with minimal public exposure.
1) Get in touch with your college’s pre-law advisor and email him about the dire job situation, the lies that law school administrators intentionally perpetuate and the large student loan debt. If your situation is particularly unfortunate, describe your situation in grave detail. Be particularly passionate about discouraging students from applying to most law schools unless they are fully ready for the consequences.
2) Write an op-ed for local organizations – such as churches, parents’ groups, chambers of commerce, etc. In addition to writing about the law school scam, you should warn parents about the dangers of co-signing student loans – particularly the difficulty of discharging loans in bankruptcy.
3) Join a committee with the ABA, state or local bar that addresses legal education. As a member of the committee, your voice will be heard by those who may be able to make a difference. Also, I think writing an anti-law school article as a committee member with proper research and reasoning is likely to be taken seriously.
4) If a potential law school applicant asks you for advice about applying…You know what to do…If you get a stubborn snowflake, advise him/her to at least be aggressive about negotiating tuition discounts with the threat of walking away.
We should act quickly. LSAT scores are out and people are applying.

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