And so it begins.

A long time ago, I graduated law school. Like many of my classmates and other law school graduates, I had no job. I sent hundreds of unsolicited resumes, went to networking events, met alumni, checked job boards and called on friends and family to no avail.

Finally, what seemed like an eternity later, I got a job at what I thought was a law firm. After a few months of working there, I realized that the firm was not a law firm but instead a shady business using lawyers to do their dirty work of basically lying to clients. I left soon after and was forced to start my own practice with the meager skills I have learned. While you are free to set up your practice to fit your lifestyle, you have to make sure that it makes money. While you have no boss to report to, those bosses are replaced by clients and even they are hard to get these days.

Initially, I thought that despite the challenges that the legal profession is facing, I had hope that the problems would correct itself one way or another – either through the free market, industry intervention, government regulation, public advocacy or a combination. But as I read the news over the years, I was wrong. Free market principles do not apply to the legal profession as wannabe lawyers apply to law school with unrealistic hopes and misleading information. The industry leaders such as the American Bar Association or the state bars are doing little to nothing about the lawyer oversupply problem. The government doesn’t seem to care as there are hundreds of more important problems to deal with. And the public is secretly smiling as they see the legal profession implode.

Many young attorneys are facing enormous student loan debts. A few will pay it off relatively quickly. Others will pay if off only with the help of government loan forgiveness programs such as income based repayment but it will force them to maintain a certain level of income for at least two decades. Finally, others will never pay them off and family members who have co-signed the loans will be on the hook.

So now my journey begins. This blog will share some of my experiences as a practicing attorney while commenting about the legal system. Why am I doing this? A variety of reasons but mainly because I am sick of staying silent. Let’s see where the journey leads.


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